Then, use the point of the scissors to push through the small holes you marked beneath the openings. Mark 2 round openings on the jug and small holes under them. Take a marker and trace 2 round openings on the sides of the jug across from the handle about 2–4 inches (5.1–10.2 cm) in diameter. Mark the openings about halfway up the jug so you have room to add birdseed without it spilling out. Just beneath the openings, draw a small circle about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter, which is where you’ll add your perches. Eventually, you will begin to notice a couple of birds tentatively visiting the feeder.

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If this is you, it may be time to look into bringing a bird into your home as a pet. But, before you rush out and pick out the prettiest, most affordable bird, there are a few helpful tips to first know. Clean your bird feeder once in two weeks with an industrial solution or with water and mild unscented soap. Be aware that during humid days and frequent use you should clean it more often.

  • She loves to be a lap kitty or even a window kitty as long as it is near you.
  • Very pleased with these acrylic sheets, look exactly like glass, but so much safer (and cheaper!).
  • She loves playing with her sister and can be a bit of a bully there sometimes.
  • If you have multiple options in your house with good windows for placing a window feeder, you need to consider other factors that may influence the birds.
  • Since we started using this new birds are visiting our garden.

I recommend the hook and stick method since you are working at least two floors up. The Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder is a good choice for many reasons. It’s reasonably priced at $25, offers all-around view of the birds, is sturdy, is easy to clean, has a pitched roof, and works for dozens of birds year round. • Frankly, there is not much to say against this model. There are some complaints about the window bracket being not too strong, while most others seem to be perfectly satisfied with the bracket with its suction cups.

Lure Beautiful Birds Into Your Yard Without Feeding The Squirrels, We Review This Year’s Top Bird Feeders

They looks just like real glass and fit perfectly on my menü. Needed something to stop paintwork getting dirty and this was perfect. I ordered the Glass Look Cast Acrylic Sheet to protect the surface of 2 new tables I bought.

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In addition to the usual Green and Gold Finches it has attracted Coal, Great and Blue Tits and this year even a Nuthatch rocked up to sample it. I have given no-mess sunflower mix great reviews in the past. For 12.5.k mid 2012, I decided to order another 12.5.k. In Feb 2013 to find an outrageous increase in price to £33.99 some 30% all-though a good product.

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This lasting feeder creates a safe feeding haven for smaller birds, enabling them to dine without larger birds and squirrels. The Droll Yankees B-7F Wild Bird Feeder features an exciting, versatile design that combines the classic tube feeder style with a high quality construction. Bring a little nature into your outdoor environment with this extra large bird feeder. Stop tenacious squirrels from dining on the bird seed in your backyard with the Heritage Farms Double Sided Absolute II Bird Feeder with Pole and Hanger. The Double Sided Absolute II is the Premier Squirrel-Proof Feeder for the serious bird enthusiast. Keep a close eye on your feathered friends dining by placing this Wing and A Prayer Clear View Window Bird Feeder in your window.

#2 Natures Hangout Window Bird Feeder

He is also very chatty and likes to tell you about his day. During the day if his human works from home he will remind you to take your breaks so he can get some cuddles or playtime throughout the day. Although it takes time for him to get comfortable with cuddles he eventually lets you cuddle him without resistance.

There are links to bird feeder plans on this page, that require proper woodworking tools, and others that anyone can make using things from around the home inside and out. Please use any of the free bird feeder plans you find on this site. Birds, like their human friends, seek food, water and shelter. Put food out during the fall months so birds will get used to using your yard. The essential thing is to place it in an area that is attractive to birds.